If you want to find a professional language consultancy here on the South Coast, get in touch with novaug today. Our skilled linguists are hand picked for their outstanding credentials and will always abide by the code of conduct laid down by the Chartered Institute of Linguists. We are legally bound to respect the confidentiality of any content sent to us, and our attitude towards terminology management ensures consistency right across your documentation. For more information about our services, please email us at

Translation / Terminology

We use state of the art translation and terminology tools to ensure the correct terminology is used systematically in our translations, and to keep your communication consistent throughout projects. We also use these tools to leverage any past translations or content you are happy to recycle, which can reduce costs and save time.

Once your basic terminology is in place, we move on to the translation stage and this is a task we only entrust to properly qualified professional linguists, who are selected for the quality of their skills, not on a 'lowest rate' basis. To work with novaug, you need solid credentials, not just a registration on a database.

What makes us different at novaug is that terminology is not an external add-on or just an option; it is an integral part of how we work. No project is undertaken without at least an embryo of terminology in place so we can build on it over time, integrate your feedback for future work and best serve your interests with a consistent communication. Regardless of your budget, terminology is set up for you so you can start using it whenever you're ready. 

Amending documents post-translation costs you a lot of time and money. If the proper preparation is in place before the translation process starts, and the right tools are used during the process, the systematic use of the right terms and phraseology can be ensured.

Quality / Confidentiality

Quality does not have to cost the earth, but you do get what you pay for. Doing things right the first time is well worth the investment, and will save you significant time and money in the long run.

Our linguists have all signed our confidentiality agreement and abide by the professional rules of the Chartered Institute of Linguists Code of Conduct. Specifically, our linguists are legally bound to respect the confidentiality of any content sent to them. You can read the Code in full here : 

Once the translation is complete, you can choose to have it proofread by a second linguist or by your own in-country staff. Whatever you choose, we will ask for some feedback and if you let us manage your terminology for you, we will update it according to any amendments you make to ensure only approved terms are used in your content in future projects. Contact for details.
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