After so many years working in the translation industry, the team at novaug had time to reflect on what makes a translation project run smoothly and cost-effectively. Based on our experience, we offer a comprehensive language consultancy that places terminology management at the forefront of our service. Consistent terminology means that your content will be clear and effective, from the authoring stage, right through to completion. To learn more about our approach, contact us at hello@novaug.co.uk today.


Because your terminology is an asset that will serve you for many years, at novaug, we never start a translation project without building your terminology first. We agree on the terms you want us to use and we make sure we use them to create the right impact.

It doesn't take long to make a start in terminology management and it saves a lot of time later. Furthermore, adding phraseology to the terminology allows us to shape the style of a text, and conform to the style guide of your choice. If your communication matters to you, the benefits of terminology management far outweigh the work and cost involved.

Your terminology is the skeleton of your communication. Choosing to ignore it leads to inconsistencies, hours wasted trying to harmonise texts across projects and a lot of money spent on work that should have been done first and not as a time-and-money-consuming-afterthought. And worse, if you do not start with a validated terminology and waste your time amending files at a later stage, the translation work done previously for you will still contain terminology you have not approved and further projects will therefore have to be amended again and again. 

Do you really want to waste so much time? We don't. We have seen it many times elsewhere, so we don’t do it here. If you get your terms right first, your text will flow accurately and consistently, whichever languages and linguists are involved.

This does not mean that your costs will rocket up though - quite the contrary. An embryo of terminology goes a long way, and can be added-to easily and cost-effectively. At novaug, we start it for you. It’s all part of the service.

To discover more about how terminology can help you, not just at the translation stage, but also at the authoring stage of your content, contact us now for a free consultation at hello@novaug.co.uk

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