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One of the most important, but strangely overlooked aspects of business communication, is terminology management. Effective terminology management allows your company to speak with a single voice across all media and documentation so your message is clear and consistent. At novaug , our team of qualified professionals work from a termbase, decided in partnership with you, that will make sure your company communications suit the purpose for which they are intended. To find out more, get in touch with us at hello@novaug.co.uk or call us on 07985 728 686 for details. 

What do we do?

Novaug is a group of experts in the translation industry with many years of experience as linguists and project managers. We have first hand knowledge of what is missing in most projects and an insight into how we can greatly improve the service you usually get. That’s why novaug was created, and that’s why we don’t describe ourselves as just a translation agency. We're a translation consultancy, and our approach goes far beyond standard translations. Your content didn't suddenly appear on a document; you spent time creating it and thinking carefully about all the details, so when we translate it, we will work together with you to do the same. 

What does it mean?

It means that we start with the essential, but apparently not so obvious thing; we build a glossary of your terminology. At novaug, there is no translation without terminology, so in collaboration with you, we decide on the terms and expressions that will best reflect your message, and make sure that they are used systematically throughout your communications, so your company is speaking with 'one voice'. We also provide back up services for in-house translation services and LSPs seeking to implement terminology management into their processes.

How do we do that?

Firstly, we only use qualified professional linguists. Liking languages and being a native speaker does not make you a translator, and unfortunately, the profession is unregulated, which means that anyone can set up and practice as a translator without having to show any credentials. Since we have a small, very carefully selected pool of translators, we can ensure that our standards remain high.

Then, we do things the right way round to avoid wasting time and money. Before we start any translation, we gather more information about you and the purpose of your text, then create a termbase* so that all your communication is and stays consistent, precise and clear, no matter which language or which team you work with.

*A termbase is a specific translation glossary that will be integrated into our translation tools to make sure it is systematically used across all your projects.
Our language consultancy relies on a network of partners exclusively made up of professional linguists.
To work with novaug, you need solid credentials, not just a registration on a database.
Novaug is run by Carine Toucand, chartered linguist and seasoned medical translator with over 15 years of experience in the language industry. Keen photographer and mother of two, Carine worked as an in-house project manager before going freelance and then setting up her own business. She is likely to be your first contact at novaug.

 And in case you are wondering what novaug means, well, it’s the short form of November and August, when her daughters were born.
Professionals working together on a project
Call us on 07985 728 686 for details!
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